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a fresh take on building wealth...together


what we are

curated and really-vetted private market opportunities for accredited investors

early access

what we're not

a supermarket for investments


unlike traditional VC, we only win, when you win


2023 returns





80 months in the making

previous investments;

Previous Investments

apply for limited early access to player mode...

first-of-its-kind play and earn game for retail investors through the EquiTie metaverse

registration open until 15 May 2024

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apply for limited early access to PRO mode

exclusive opportunities for accredited investors only through the EquiTie app

registration open until 15 May 2024

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ready for an adventure?

network, learn and grow

the higher you rank, the more rewards you accumulate and the more access you unlock

impact-driven opportunities

invest in early-stage and growth start-ups improving the world

magic of community

a one-of-a-kind network of trusted founders and smart investors fuelling growth

level up

transforming LPs to angels, entrepreneurs to unicorns, and creators to dragons

exclusive and bespoke data

keep track of your investment journey through a simple and up-to-date proprietary dashboard

metaverse support

daily access to your advisory team helping with investment strategies and portfolio queries

no ongoing or upfront fees

aligning interest between capital, community and purpose; we only profit when you do

play-and-earn rewards

invest, discover, network, and learn to earn investment tokens


> how it started

EquiTie was established in 2019 as an investment and advisory firm empowering Gen Z and Millennials to shape their future through unconflicted and transparent access to highly-vetted VC/PE deals

> how it's going

In Q1-2022 part of EquiTie became owned by its users

Q3-2024 will see the beta-launch of EquiTie Pro, a gamified investment platform democratising access to private markets through social tokenization of investments

Q4-2024 will see the v1 launch of EquiTie World’s metaverse ecosystem; making the process of investing in people, companies and projects with high-growth potential as accessible and fun as your favourite childhood video game
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